Malaysia’s Process of Digitalization

A quick post to kick start the 2011 – I have a lot to say but haven’t had the time to sit and write down my thoughts. Yesterday I read on The Star Online that Malaysian bloggers are earning RM 1 million annually! Read it here: And today, Najib is asking the youths through Twitter … Continue reading

Looking for some glossy icon?

My greatest discovery would be Icon Finder, where you can find a lot of helpful image that would lighten up your powerpoint presentations. Most of the icons have that 3D, glossy look and feel to it, much better than having some random Google Image. Try it out, it’s quite cool!

The greatest Tiger Show on Earth!

Ever wanted to go for a Tiger Show? No, not the ones in Thailand (though that should actually be Thai Girls’ Show, I heard the reason its known as Tiger Show now is simply because it was mispronounced in the early days), what I mean is a REAL TIGER show.. As in the huge carnivorous … Continue reading

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