Been an exciting month for me, and here’s the three things I’m looking forward too! Working towards the entries for MMA 2010 was an unforgettable experience. Lotssssss of excitement, receiving feedback on my work, even to a point it made me think if I should consider moving to a creative agency ’cause I had so … Continue reading

Google is taking SEARCH into another level, again!

Can you land your dream job by advertising yourself?

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a job – what more to get people wanting you in their organization (especially when you don’t have any working experience)? Here are some interesting people who advertised themselves, to be a “wanted” employee. Alec Brownstein definitely had a good insight for the recent Google campaign … Continue reading

The greatest Tiger Show on Earth!

Ever wanted to go for a Tiger Show? No, not the ones in Thailand (though that should actually be Thai Girls’ Show, I heard the reason its known as Tiger Show now is simply because it was mispronounced in the early days), what I mean is a REAL TIGER show.. As in the huge carnivorous … Continue reading

Google Analytics Master Class

Google had their first Analytics Master Class in Kuala Lumpur on 11th of March, and I can proudly say I was apart of it! They held the event in KL Hilton,  a nice place but the crowd turned out to be massive – they had people sitting on the ground! And I’m sure those who … Continue reading

Google’s Nexus One Phone

The anticipation is over. Google’s superphone (as they call it) is finally here. Maybe it’s because Google is the biggest brand in the world, I can’t help but WANT the phone. I’m not even looking at it’s specs yet, it’s just a magnetism of owning one. For the TECH GEEKS  (For the not-so-tech-geeks) *some taken … Continue reading

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