Been an exciting month for me, and here’s the three things I’m looking forward too! Working towards the entries for MMA 2010 was an unforgettable experience. Lotssssss of excitement, receiving feedback on my work, even to a point it made me think if I should consider moving to a creative agency ’cause I had so … Continue reading

Understanding the online media consumption in Malaysia

I just got back from attending the Yahoo & Synovate Net Index Launch Event that was held in SIME Darby Convention Center, today. Here’s a summary of what was presented. * This study applies to Urban Malaysians. Research is very recent, March – May 2010. Who are the online users? More males than females, aged … Continue reading

Google is taking SEARCH into another level, again!

What do you think of Facebook’s new privacy settings?

I found Facebook’s instant personalization reaally cool. It’s awesome when you go to some random website and have your personaaaal choices at the homepage – you find what you like, without much moving around. Easy peaziee, some pretty fancy personalized customization! And in some sites like, you also get to see what articles your … Continue reading

Google Analytics Master Class

Google had their first Analytics Master Class in Kuala Lumpur on 11th of March, and I can proudly say I was apart of it! They held the event in KL Hilton,  a nice place but the crowd turned out to be massive – they had people sitting on the ground! And I’m sure those who … Continue reading

Technology – the true death sentence!

I totally agree with The Star’s columnist, Soo Ewe Jin in regards to us being slaves for technology. He says how he has seen this group of people hanging out after work and that they are able to remove their ties, but they are constantly interrupted by their BlackBerry from work. It’s strange how we’ve … Continue reading

A blogger’s guilt

I’ve blogged about this before but here I go again… What’s the issue with having a guilty feeling when you see someone else’s blog and you realise you haven’t been writing on yours? I’ve not been on a single blog (that hasn’t been maintained properly, of course), in which the blogger hasn’t apologized for not … Continue reading

Malaysian Comm Minister: Facebook to get more Cultural

Referring to the article, “Call for more cultural elements” (The Star, 3rd Feb) perhaps one must first utilize social media in order to truly understand how it works before condemning or “advising” other users not to be too emerged in it. As the saying goes, the greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing … Continue reading

Malaysia going truly digital – Possible??

Reading an interesting article by John D. Sutter on CNN titled Gov 2.0, makes me ponder if Malaysia would ever reach that kind of a digitalized state. Gov 2.0 that is currently being practised in states of the USA, is a new phone technology that helps citizen make reports/complains about public amenities to the Government … Continue reading

TM’s attack against P1 Wimax

As I’ve written in my earlier blogs, P1 Wimax has definitely been getting a lot attention for it’s “Cut” ads – relating to cut the broadband lines.. I just came across TM’s TVC rebuttal for it last nite, a dude looking all cool showing his sports car, sounds system & looking all macho – but … Continue reading

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