Finding Info About A Website – Online Planing Tutorial #1

Useful when you need to go a quick background check on website trends! Ever had to compare two, or three websites of a similar genre to decide which one to invest on for advertising? Or simply need to know some online metrics, search analytics and demographics for a website? Then go to Alexa for the … Continue reading

Boring Office Desk – Pimp Up Your Calender!

My office desk is quite plain, I only have some stationaries, papers and promotional items from media owners. So here’s what I did when I got quite bored with my plain-nothing-to-inspire me table, I pimped up the calendar! So here’s the original calendar from AC Nielsen. A very functional piece where I see the dates … Continue reading

Malaysian Media Awards 2010, the FIFA style!

Perhaps the most exciting event of the year for any media specialist, the MMA 2010 was by no doubt a big day to remember for me as well. My first ever media awards ceremony, honestly I didn’t have an idea what to expect. The Vizeumites got geared up early Friday morning itself, receiving our jersey … Continue reading


Been an exciting month for me, and here’s the three things I’m looking forward too! Working towards the entries for MMA 2010 was an unforgettable experience. Lotssssss of excitement, receiving feedback on my work, even to a point it made me think if I should consider moving to a creative agency ’cause I had so … Continue reading

Can you land your dream job by advertising yourself?

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a job – what more to get people wanting you in their organization (especially when you don’t have any working experience)? Here are some interesting people who advertised themselves, to be a “wanted” employee. Alec Brownstein definitely had a good insight for the recent Google campaign … Continue reading

Technology – the true death sentence!

I totally agree with The Star’s columnist, Soo Ewe Jin in regards to us being slaves for technology. He says how he has seen this group of people hanging out after work and that they are able to remove their ties, but they are constantly interrupted by their BlackBerry from work. It’s strange how we’ve … Continue reading

Wrapping up 2009

It’s the time of the year again where you sit and ponder about yourself – future plans, ideas, achievements, and regrets. Many things I wish I did more often, other things I wish I never did at all but it’s over and done, and now I look at a fresh sheet of paper. But just to … Continue reading

How to be Impressive in your first Job?

Starting my first “real” job after graduation was a bit frightening. But it’s interesting how much you can learn after some time. Here’s my list: 1. Listen, observe & practice. There isn’t a manual. No one’s going to be assisting and teaching you how to do every bit of your work. And you are no … Continue reading

Is your career, your life?

Initially when I was studying for a diploma, every time anyone asked me “What’s your plans after this?”, I used answer confidently that I’m gonna work for sometime then continue with my studies. My reasoning was simple, that I would be more matured by then and working experience would help me understand my subjects better. … Continue reading

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