NIKE We Run KL (10.10.2010)

Got up as early as 5 am, I couldn’t even sleep that night wondering if I’m gonna make that 5 km run. I convinced my friends to join, one lazy bum couldn’t get herself up so she skipped – thinking I’m gonna get back to zzzzzzz on that sunday morning as well. So the rest … Continue reading

Motivation to Exercise

I’ve always been a nonsportsaholic. I look at sports people with envy. I wished I had their energy, their determination to practice and well, their body. I used to shy away from PJ lessons in schools simply because I felt I was too fat too run and I didn’t like the huffy puffy feeling, and … Continue reading

A quick refreshing drink!

Refreshing drink

This is a real easy thrist-quencher. Here’s all you’d need: Lots of ice cubes. Sprite. A sour plum. Lime. Mint leaves.  

Cooking Spicy Tomato Chicken Curry

My first attempt to properly cook a dish and it did turn out pretty okaaay! Here’s a list of ingredients that would cook up a lovely meal for two: Onion x 4 Ginger (size of your thumb) Garlic x 4 Turmeric powder (4 table-spoon) Curry powder (4 table-spoon) Ground pepper Salt Dry chili x 5 Fresh … Continue reading

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