My Published Articles

Besides blogging about the media and other random thoughts, I also do write-up about other matters that touch me generally. Ranging from social issues to politics, I always find a way to put my word out there. I also have joined a few public speaking competitions that has helped me learn a lot and has built my confidence along the way. Here are the few published articles I wrote, and others that mention me. Have a read, tell me what you think!

P/S: These articles would have been written using my full name, Thavarupani Subramaniam. Don’t get confused, it’s the same person = ME!!!

Speaking in the HSBC-The Star-ESUM National Finals

Rebel about the cost – January 17, 2009

Many factors why people drink – August 14, 2009

Look at concerts more positively – August 27, 2009

Leave Beyonce’s Concert Alone – September 30, 2009

Useless to Force Govt Servants to Work – October 1, 2009

Have ‘Ops to scare off snatch thieves – October 10, 2009

College Break – July 18, 2009

Young Speakers Shine – March 22, 2009

Dreams do come true, for those who preserve – Berita Kampus: June, 2008

TAR College Promotes Public Speaking – Berita Kampus:December, 2009

TAR College Student Speaks Eloquently at HSBC-The Star-ESUM Public Speaking Competition – Berita Kampus:March, 2009


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