Digital History

We discuss so much about rich media banners and the evolving widgets and other cool applications but do you know how did the first ever banner advertising look like? Read more about it here. One of the pioneer viral hits on the net was the one we can remember from Ally McBeal’s Hallucinations. Yes, the … Continue reading

Should social media be restricted during working hours?

Just days after my previous blogpost – Are Malaysian Bosses Embracing Social Media, I read an article from The Star about “Net Surfing ‘Freedom’ Too Costly“. In short, the article states that: Employees on social networks are causing lost of productivity & money. Cuepacs advised civil servants against accessing social sites because they believe it’s distracting. … Continue reading

Malaysian VIRAL Scene

Coffee Mate’s Nota Cinta I simply love these episodes!!! I think Mc Cann Erickson & Mojo Film did a great job on this videos, showcasing the emotions (though I personally feel that a more subtle manner in showing off coffee mate would seem rather realistic). Petronas Merdeka 2010 – Kereta Buruk Again, Petronas gets people … Continue reading

P1 Wimax “Cut Already” Advertising Campaign

I have been following up with the issue revolving the P1 Wimax’s “Cut Already” advertising campaign in The Star Opinion Column and I strongly believe that the clash of opinion is simply because of generation gap and perception. Many of the elder folks are unhappy with the term “potong” simply because of what it represents and … Continue reading

Packet One Network Malaysia (P1) W1MAX Campaign

The Packet One Network Malaysia (P1) W1MAX Campaign They did a fantastic job with the 15 Malaysia Short Films. Some made me tear, and some made me fall off my chair laughing. It reflected the true Malaysia, and was a big hit among their target audience. Now they have create a P1 Speedometer that lets you … Continue reading

Topshop, Mango & Zara’s Campaign- Win Rm2500 fashion vouchers!

I have no idea if these 3 brands are working together, but this is what I spotted on my Facebook page. Of course, who wouldn’t want some extra clothes? And once you go to their website, you’re landed with a “Spot-5 Differences-To-Win-Voucher” Game. I played the it, thought I finished kinda quick, then I was … Continue reading

What’s the Tease & Wash trick?

The Motoring Exchange launched their biggest, hyped-up and of course, the most controversial campaign ever called Tease & Wash – A Topless Carwash Service in Singapore. They have claimed & proved that they’ve got hot babes taking off their tops while washing cars in a warehouse. 20 lucky guys managed to “win” these launch promo … Continue reading

Get Seduced with Topless Babes Washing Your Car!

Gerald Chen of Motoring Exchange knows what men want. Hot babes teasing them, while giving their ride a good wash. So he did exactly that. “Stripping down” on the 26th of Sept in Singapore, Tease&Wash is bound to be a big hit! His marketing strategy boils down to the simplest aspect that pushes all men: SEX … Continue reading

Why a new blog?

I have had two blogs in the past, one which I can’t even remember the web address. So now, why another one? Well, I have got to seperate my personal random blogging and my learning process about the internet, social media, advertising and everything else that’s got to do with my job. It’s just like having two seperate … Continue reading

  • Yes, I’ve chosen to start another blog, visit it: Will appreciate all feedback on the new blog!