When Cops become Murderers

I love my country, I truly do. No matter what the weather, with all the bureaucracy, alleged racism, and me being the least patriotic person here, I still feel I could never find another place like Malaysia.

But a 15 year old boy DIED, shot by cops. It spells big problem.

I mean, aren’t there guidelines for cops to open fire? Them being the experienced police force,  should always take into consideration that if cars that don’t stop when they are told to do so, though chances are that they may be one of the those wanted criminals running away, but it could just be another licenseless kid – DOESN’T MEAN YOU GOTTA SHOOT THEM!!!

And reading the papers just boils me up.. Here’s a fed up citizen’s opinion, “Stop blaming our policemen for doing their job. Our policemen, who are already overworked and underpaid, need to be given the authority to do what they have to do when they have to do it. If we as citizens take that away from them, are we going to do their job then?” – The Star

Don’t they realize that a police officer’s duty isn’t simply arresting criminals, but they should be there to make us feel safe. If they themselves go around “accidently” shooting someone they merely suspected was a criminal, then our country needs a reality check.

And finally, WTH happened to A.Kugan’s case? It was a huge news – He asked for water, drank but couldn’t, vomitted, collapsed and next thing we know, he’s dead. In January 2009, Tan Sri Musa said that they’ll get down to this as it was classified as murder. But we never got to know who’s the murderer, isn’t it?

Most people say, Kugan wasn’t worth the fight cause he was a criminal who stole cars anyways. The cops just “cleaned up” the streets. But since when did we leave the ruling to the cops? They’re allowed to bash someone to death (for stealing cars) and we’re not supposed to question it?

And you know what the saddest bit is? No one brings it up anymore, simply because they don’t wanna touch “sensitive” issues.

Malaysia has been making its name around the world for all the wrong reasons past 2-3 years. Let’s just rest the case.


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