Google is taking SEARCH into another level, again!


What do you think of Facebook’s new privacy settings?

I found Facebook’s instant personalization reaally cool. It’s awesome when you go to some random website and have your personaaaal choices at the homepage – you find what you like, without much moving around. Easy peaziee, some pretty fancy personalized customization! And in some sites like, you also get to see what articles your … Continue reading

Can you land your dream job by advertising yourself?

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a job – what more to get people wanting you in their organization (especially when you don’t have any working experience)? Here are some interesting people who advertised themselves, to be a “wanted” employee. Alec Brownstein definitely had a good insight for the recent Google campaign … Continue reading

My journey in The Star – HSBC – ESU Public Speaking Competition 2010

The Star- HSBC – ESU Public Speaking Competition this year was a bit of disappointment in terms of my progress in the competition. The new “American Idol” style judgement didn’t go well for me, I was knocked out in semi-finals itself (sobsss..) but honestly, the theme “Speculation of our Future” triggered my head. My approach was … Continue reading

When Cops become Murderers

I love my country, I truly do. No matter what the weather, with all the bureaucracy, alleged racism, and me being the least patriotic person here, I still feel I could never find another place like Malaysia. But a 15 year old boy DIED, shot by cops. It spells big problem. I mean, aren’t there … Continue reading

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