Go Fabes!

Phat Fabes is growing good! He’s got over 3000 friends now within two days.. Looks like he’s touch the 5000 limit in no time.. Congrats in advance Fabes! Advertisements

Can Phat Fabes get 5000 friends on FB in 5 days?

I was listening to the radio this morning, on Fly.FM of course and I heard Phat Fabes rambling about how he got 600 over friends within 24 hours. Then, his colleagues challenged him to get 5000 by the end of this week. A pretty cool trick to get people calling in and getting their social … Continue reading

Do you know how fast you type?

Ever wondered what’s your typing speed? Go check out this website, Keybr.com. You don’t have to download or install anything. Just type out what you see and get the results! P/S: I thought I was a quick typist, just got to know that I type in the average speed of 38.. hmmph.. Time to speed … Continue reading

Live Streaming Speech?

I’ve always been fascinated by people with great speaking skills. Barack Obama, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few. They are the ones that move people by mere words. But hearing to Prem Rawat, he doesn’t simply move you, he gives you this amazing feeling of clarity, a sense of belonging and an … Continue reading

Launch of The Daily Chili

The Star Publications who holds the main stream media in Malaysia, has recently launched a sizzly & spicy new website called The Daily Chili. It offers the hottest news, sports, celebrities, showbiz, happenings and more for the young. I scrolled through the website and found a pretty interesting topic, Getai, Kotai or Gatai? It’s about … Continue reading

Get Seduced with Topless Babes Washing Your Car!

Gerald Chen of Motoring Exchange knows what men want. Hot babes teasing them, while giving their ride a good wash. So he did exactly that. “Stripping down” on the 26th of Sept in Singapore, Tease&Wash is bound to be a big hit! His marketing strategy boils down to the simplest aspect that pushes all men: SEX … Continue reading

The Facebook Party!

Just like how you have the geek and the popular kid in high school, social media has the same. After reading “Are you Absent, Invincible, A Reflection or An Impression?” by Nance Rosen, I realised that there are many category of social media users. While she talks about the professionals who are on social media, … Continue reading

Who’s the copycat?

I was working on one of my client’s banner ads, and while taking screenshot on Yahoo! Homepage, I came across something that wasn’t quite right. CIMB launched a campaign named CIMB Clicks – OCTO a while ago, which uses a cute red octopus as an icon. This icon, obviously having many “hands” were meant to … Continue reading

Facebook turning into Tweebook?

Well, Facebook is launching a newer, polished version of itself,  Facebook Lite. I tried to look out for it but to my disappointment, only a few people are chosen to experience it for now. They’re still getting feedback, I assume. BUT WHAAAAAY? Okay, I’m not whining.. But I like Facebook being complex, gives it a sense … Continue reading

Wanna work all day long, on Facebook?

Think working in the media is cool, but you don’t really know which one you want to specify in? Well, start off by noting your interest. If you more comfortable doing everything digitally – go digital, or if you rather go outdoors and get your hands a lil dirty – go production. There are so … Continue reading

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